New Paddle Board Design Brainchild of Colorado Riverman

River rescues inspire innovation in the stand up paddle board industry.

Carbondale, CO- Shaine Ebrahimi, owner of Shaboomee, a Colorado based stand-up paddleboard (SUP) business, is introducing the SplitSUP, a revolutionary, patent-pending SUP design unlike anything in the industry. The product launch for the dual- surface paddleboard’s product launch will take place at Gauley Fest, the largest paddling festival in the world, which  that raises funds for American Whitewater, a non-profit that supports river conservation and access throughout the nation.

Shaboomee launched in 2010 in Carbondale, CO, with SUP tours on the Coloroado and Roarking Fork Rivers outside of Aspen and Glenwood Springs. Still in its infancy at that time, whitewater SUP provided the adventurous with a new way to explore and travel down scenic river areas; where  with a fall and& swim through rapids are nearly almost expected. With nearly 200 SUP river runs in the first two years, Ebrahimi found himself rescuing clients and their SUPs, resulting in with a SUP under each foot. This challenge sparked the idea that is now the SplitSUP.

In the fall of 2011, Ebrahimi ran a foam SUP on through a table saw to create the first prototype and initiated the patent process shortly after that. Now designing and producing an innovative line of direct-to- consumer inflatable SUPs, Shaboomee has developed an inflatable version SplitSUP that will be put on the market in 2015.

 The SplitSUP takes a conventional paddleboard design and splits it into two narrower surfaces that are attached on the inside rail at the top and bottom, which prevents the two sides from folding away from or onto themselves. The unique design employs natural body mechanics and allows each leg to move independently, resulting in increased mobility, stability and balance, as well as more efficiency in cutting through wind, waves and whitewater.

“Gauley Fest, a gathering and showcase of the nations top whitewater vendors in the boating community, is the perfect time to introduce our new design to the river community”, said Ebrahimi. “We’re stoked to get lots of experienced paddlers from all over the country on the SplitSUP and to shake up the SUP scene on rivers, lakes and oceans nation-wide!”


ABOUT SHABOOMEE: Founded in 2010, Shaboomee grew from a passion for adventure, river play, and the commitment to share and make stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) accessible. Based in Carbondale, Colorado Shaboomee designs innovative inflatable SUPS that are sold direct to consumer; sets up rental partnerships nation-wide & offers SUP instruction, yoga and fitness, tours and& certifications. Visit to learn more about the company and discover the full range of Shaboomee products & services.